"Do you charge a fee for attending a meeting?"

"I charge a fixed fee (I do not charge VAT) to meet a client at an office or on site. I have no time limit for a meeting and I do not charge for mileage."

"How soon can you attend a meeting?"

"if I receive an instruction in the morning, I can usually attend a meeting later the same day."

"Will I receive a report from you following a meeting?"

"At no additional cost, I am happy to follow up a meeting with an email explaining what the meeting concerned, and what I recommended."

"Do you charge per hour?"

"No, I always provide a client with a fixed fee (in writing if requested), and I never charge more than what has been agreed."

"Will you tell me if what I propose will probably not be acceptable in planning terms?"

"Yes, and I will advise you on what I belive would be acceptable."

"How do you provide your reports?"

"I always provide my reports by email - hard copies can be provided if necessary."

"Are you Chartered?"


"Are you a Registered Consultant?"


"will you achieve a tight deadline."

"If I promise to meet a deadline - I will."

"Are you insured?"

"Yes, £5M Public Liability Insurance and £2M Professional Indemnity Insurance (details can be provided on request)."

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