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Bats - Registered with Natural England (Level 2 Class Licence) to carry out bat surveys using artificial light, endoscopes, hand and hand-held nets. We assess trees, buildings and dwellings externally and internally (roof spaces) for signs of bat activity/bats. We carry out Bat Surveys (including emergence and re-entry surveys) and provide Bat Survey Reports for planning applications. Our reports are produced to the Bat Conservation Trust publication Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines (2016). This is the essential reference and guide for anyone involved in professional bat work.


Bats and the law.


In addition to traditional Bat Detectors, we use the Echo Meter Touch to record and identify bats in the field. Being able to identify the 17 known species of UK bats is critical as some species are more rarely found than others, and each species need different requirements. We are a Member of the Bat Conservation Trust.


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Common pipistrelle bat droppings (confirmed by DNA analysis) caught up in a spiders web below where a bat(s) had been roosting